Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Welcome to spring! With all the abysmally cold temperatures, I know it's hard to imagine that we'll be eating fresh vegetables any time soon, but if the past is any indicator of things to come, I think it will eventually warm up! With that hope in mind, seedlings are growing in their flats for later transplanting and sap is beginning to flow. We are always inspired this time of year with plans for the coming season. A few new items we'll be growing are edible soy beans, purple carrots and neon chard. In addition there will afternoons when Whetstone CiderWorks' delicious hard cider will be available and perhaps something  to go with it to make a complete dinner entree. 

Be sure to consider joining our farm stand CSA whereby you can put down as little as $150 and shop at the stand without the need for carrying cash. See details below. Everything we offer is available through  the farm stand CSA, including Brian's organic, grass-fed chicken and beef, and Sunday morning scones. 

We are looking forward to another growing season and seeing you out in the berry patch!

Gail and co