Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spotted Winged Drosophila

The Spotted Winged Drosophila is a new invasive fruit fly which first appeared in Vermont in the days following Tropical Storm Irene. It affects all soft fruit causing them to rapidly soften and turn to mush. Unfortunately it is here to stay, so we need to deal with it as best  we can. It does no harm to people, just fruit. You can freeze infected fruit,  eat it, cook with it.

What we will be doing:

We have traps hung about in the bushes which will provide some control
We will be spraying two different organic insecticides; Entrust, which is a form of spinosad, and Pyganic, which is an organic pyrethrum. 
We are participating in a study to see if a new type of net can exclude the drosophila. You will see it in some rows of newer blueberries .

What you can do:

When picking, pick thoroughly to not leave ripe fruit on the vine or bush
Refrigerate berries when you get them home - cold will delay the development of any infected fruit.
Picking berries which are slightly underripe will help. although flavor is sacrificed a bit
Read and follow the instructions at the farm stand as to which area is open to picking. Some areas may be closed for a day after spraying.

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